If you suffer an accident or experience a serious illness, you may not be able to work for a while. You may not be covered by your medical insurance for the medical problem you are dealing it, and your employer’s healthcare plan may not cover you while you are not working. Short term health insurance is a great way to get the cover you need during that period and to not pay as much as you would for as a major medical plan. It also gives you coverage on short notice, whereas a major medical plan may take weeks or even months to start working and providing you with protection.

Short Term Health Insurance PlansShort term plans can give you access to any medical doctor or hospital in the country. That’s a big advantage over other kinds of healthcare plans. You can keep you same doctor and get new coverage from your short term plan.

You also don’t have to deal with any enrollment restrictions when it comes to short term healthcare coverage. You will be covered as soon as you sign up, and you can sign up at any time, so you’ll get fast, convenient coverage without any of the hassle of major medical coverage.

We can help you find the short term health plan for your needs, and we will offer you rates to look at and compare so that you can find the best deal and save yourself some money on healthcare for however long you need that coverage.


Why You Might Want to Consider a Short Term Plan

You can use a short term plan to fill in some coverage gaps. You can keep your current coverage plan and just sign up for a short term plan that covers you where your major medical plan does not cover you. Short term plans are not major commitments, and you can find one that only covers you for a short while as you try to get back on your feet and return your life to normal.

Short term plans are often cheaper than major medical plans. They can cover you at a lower price and still provide you with ample coverage. Take the example of a 30-year old who makes around $40,000 a year. This person can get an Obamacare plan that is considered bronze level and pay about $3,000 a year for it. That same person could qualify for a 12-month short term plan that has a much lower deductible and much lower premium (closer to $2,00 or less per year) and get covered similarly.


Who Is Selling the Plans?

We want to talk to you about a few of the health insurance companies that sell short term plans on the health insurance marketplace. These are major providers that offer a lot of plans at a good price.

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United Healthcare Short Term Health Insurance

The advantage to choosing United Healthcare as your insurance provider is that they are one of the largest in the country. They also have an extensive network of hospitals and doctors, so they can give you great discounts on the coverage you want and provide you with stable pricing for years to come. They have the potential to give you more than other insurers just because they have so many resources to draw on.

Short Term Health Insurance Plans

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National General Short Term Health Insurance

With National General, you get one of the largest selections of short term plans around, making it easy to find the one you want. They offer some great customer benefits like gym membership and telemedicine that make them a standout choice.

Short Term Health Insurance Plans

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Pivot Health Short Term Health Insurance

We listed Pivot here because of two reasons- their affordable pricing and great customer services. They are a company that is known for taking good care of their customers, and they are great at keeping their rates low, so they can help you to save even more money on your short term coverage.

Short Term Health Insurance Plans

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Flexible Plans That Can Really Help You

The health insurance marketplace is packed with options, but many of them will be insurance plans that you cannot sign up for. If you are not old enough for Medicare or don’t qualify for Obamacare, then where does that leave you? If your employer doesn’t offer coverage plans, then how are you going to be covered in an affordable way? Thankfully, short term health insurance plans are able to give you the help that you need. They can cover you when other plans will not and the insurers selling them will accept your application for coverage when you would be turned down by other insurers.

Short term plans are very flexible in how long they can cover you for and what kind of medical expenses they can take care of for you. They will not include the 10 essential benefits that Affordable Care Act plans are required to. Short term plans are different, and while they can cover some essential expenses for you, they are not required to as part of their base coverage. You want to be very careful about which plan you sign up for and make sure you know what kind of coverage you will be getting.

Short term plans offer streamlined cover packages, which means that they won’t cover a lot of nonessential medical expenses for you or things that simply don’t apply to you. They usually offer very targeted coverage, so you can sign up for a short term plan that only covers you for what you need, and that can be very helpful and a very good use of your finances.

You can get coverage for x-rays, hospital stays, doctor’s visits and medications, among other things. Look at the choices that are available to you before you try to sign up. You want to make sure you choose the most suitable plan.


Applications Can Happen at Any Time

You don’t have to wait for a special enrollment period to get a short term private health insurance plan. You can sign up when you like for the plan you like. You are not restricted by enrollment windows or anything else that keeps most people from signing up for major medical plans whenever they want.

If you are wondering how to get health insurance that only lasts for the short term, then it is pretty simple. You can sign up for these plans simply by applying through the website of the company that sells them. You can call them over the phone or use their website to get started, and it is a really simple process. It is also very fast, as you can be covered by the next day for whichever plan you applied.


How Will This Plan Work for You?

We don’t know what your actual needs are right now, but we can tell you what kind of people a short term plan will be beneficial for. These plans are meant for temporary situations, so if you need permanent coverage and can meet the qualifications, you may be better off with a major medical plan instead. If you want to supplement your current coverage, though, and cannot find a suitable major medical plan, then a short term plan would be a good choice.Short Term Health Insurance Plans

If your current plan does not cover you adequately, then a short term plan may be in order. You can go to the health insurance marketplace and find a plan that fits you and that only lasts for the short term to have those leftover expenses covered. Just about every medical expense you can think of can be covered by one of these plans.

If you want the 10 essential medical benefits of an ACA plan, then you should probably go with a major medical plan, but if you want specific coverage that may not include essential medical expenses, then a short term plan should be a consideration.

If you want to pay less on your premiums and your deductible each year, then a short term plan is the way to go as well. This is a more affordable plan overall, but you have to figure out if it will really save you money. You have to determine if you are going to pay less for your healthcare by having a few expenses covered by a short term plan or if you are better off with a major medical individual health insurance plan.

Short term plans are not permanent fixes for your insurance and healthcare needs. They can only last you for 36 months, and that’s after you renew your plan multiple times. The contracts are shorter and are not meant to be providing you with full-time coverage for all major medical expenses. Keep that in mind as you try to find the right coverage plan.

Short term medical insurance is a great as a gap filler. It can take care of those expenses that are not being covered and target them better than a major medical plan would. That’s very useful for when you have to travel or are changing jobs. You may not get adequate cover from your current plan, and a short term plan could be the answer you need.

Short term health insurance is worth a look if you are needing just a bit more coverage or needing temporary coverage. Use our site to look at some options and see how much they will cost. You might be able to get a plan at a better price than you initially thought.


Short Term Health Insurance Plans




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